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Ruth Crilly is behind the blog A Model Recommends which has amassed a cult following. Instagram/modelrecommends

Ruth Crilly is a model, blogger, vlogger, and mother of two. She's the force behind A Model Recommends, the beauty blog which, along with her YouTube channel, has amassed a cult following.

Crilly's tutorials and reviews of both affordable high street brands and luxury skincare and cosmetics products, coupled with her tendency to "overshare," has earned her a loyal fan base. Her Instagram account has also racked up more than 160,000 followers.

However, she told Business Insider that ignoring these stats is what has made her successful — and what she recommends to anyone trying to make it in the world of blogging and Instagram.

We caught up with Crilly during Covent Garden's 12-day "Beautython," an event — of which she was a partner — that celebrated the area as London's beauty quarter.

The beauty blogger spoke candidly about the reality of carving out a successful career in the so-called "influencer" community, and what to do to make it.

She had a few ideas on what not to do, too.

"I hate the word 'influencer,'" Crilly told Business Insider. When you cherished this article along with you want to acquire more info relating to visit the following internet site kindly check out our page.
"The word is so weird, it goes against everything that I feel about my blog. It sounds really soppy.

"My readers are what make this blog," she added. "If no one read it, it wouldn't exist, and my main priority is to be completely credible. 'Influencer' makes me feel like I'm doing something underhand to 'influence,' or that my followers are sheep.

"I'd like to think my readers are more opinionated than that."

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