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In a constant effort to improve the environment scientists and researchers continue to work on ways to make lighting both efficient and environmentally friendly. To that end LED tube lighting has begun to overtake the use of fluorescent bulbs in both offices and homes. The use of fluorescent bulbs became very popular over the course of several years because of their ability to provide magnified light at a relatively inexpensive cost. However, the lighting had many negative impacts on the environment and has proven to be more costly to most individuals and businesses that was expected.

orlando audio visual rentalsOne of the problems with replacing fluorescent lighting was the fact that the ballast and plugs for the lighting was unique and a regular bulb could not be used in its place. If you treasured this article and you simply would like to collect more info about audio visual production i implore you to visit our web site. However, the LED tube has been designed to be a drop-in replacement. An individual can easily fit the prongs of the LED light into the prongs of the fluorescent bulb.

Numerous issues have arise with the fluorescent lighting that is used in homes and offices. Many people get headaches from the light and have other issues. In addition, the lights are normally on for many hours each day which increases their expense for use. Maintaining the bulbs and replacing them when needed often requires individuals who have special training and they must be disposed of as hazardous waste because they contain mercury.

The high efficiency of the LED consumes less than sixty percent of that used by an incandescent bulb. For the T8 and T12 tubes there is only 14-24 watts of energy used with a life span of from 50,000 to 100,000 hours. This makes them extremely efficient for office or home use. In addition, the tube has the same superior color as the fluorescent bulbs.

There is no ballast requirement for the LED tubes. They come with a plastic tube housing which eliminates the need for the ballast that is used with the regular tube lighting. The operating temperature of the LED is only 100 degrees as it does not get as hot as other bulbs that produce the same amount of light for the user.

When the light is made, there is a long silicon substrate that holds several LEDs. This produces the smooth and seamless light for the tube. The substrate is enclosed in a glass tube, making it ready for installation. The tubes contain no toxic chemicals such as mercury and do not have to be discarded as hazardous waste.

Choosing the type of lighting that you need for your home or office can be a challenge. When you need lighting that will provide the brightness of the fluorescent bulb, but want to maintain environmental standards while maintaining energy efficiency, the LED tube will easily meet your requirements.

When you are deciding on the best lighting for your home or office it will be very advantageous to discuss your needs and requirements with a professional who have experience and expertise in the type of LED tube that will be best suited for your needs. And the individual will find that there are multiple benefits and advantages to using LED tube lighting and their every day environment.

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